What does the TU do?

We have three core activities:

1 Hosting social events

TU hosts many social activities for the residents, e.g. movie nights, pizza nights, tournaments and sports events to name a few. You can find all our upcoming events posted on our Facebook page!

2 Renting out items in the reception

TU offers a large variety of entertainment and living equipment – from an iron to a PS4. We provide these equipment to students to rent for a short period, after depositing a fixed amount. For some items there is also a small renting fee. Full list of rental items can be found on our Facebook page and at the rental office at C-block. Come to our reception for rentals!





Rental office reception hours:

Wed 18.00 – 19.00     (Resident Assistants SIB)  
Thu  18.00 – 19.00     (Tenancy Union)                  
Sun  18.00 – 19.00     (Resident Assistants SIB)  

Hatleberg Resident Assistants can help you with general questions about living at Hatleberg and Øyjorden. They also help with renting out items.

3 Promoting your rights and living conditions

TU works to improve the offer Sammen provides to the residents by proposing and raising issues and taking part in meetings. The residents can come to TU with problems related to Sammen. If needed, TU has a direct link to the Director of Sammen.

For example, the common room at C-block is a result of TU’s active negotiations. Common room is an area for all residents where you can find sofas and tables to gather around with your friends or have fun playing table tennis, billiard, table football or air hockey. There are also two quiet study rooms for groups and one big study hall for independent studying.

Why join the TU?

Do you enjoy being involved in a student organisation, organizing cool events, running the rental office, or just want to make new friends? TU can offer all this!

We are always looking for new members with an open-minded attitude who are able to work both independently and in a team. A member of TU is ideally someone who has skills to handle stressful situations, cultural understanding, flexibility and goal orientation.

What do you get?

  • Social network and friends from all over the world
  • You are able to influence in what kind of events are happening around you
  • You can impact the offer of the TU rental office and enjoy member benefits
  • If you’re staying more than one semester at Hatleberg or Øyjorden, you also have a chance to work as an administrator, this task consists mostly of communication with Sammen (requires knowing Norwegian)
  • You also get access to office facilities, amazing office views, free coffee, internal dinners and more!

In addition to this, the valuable work experience you’ll gain by working with an operational organization like the TU is something you can take with you in your future career. TU provides recommendation letters at the end of your work.

Does this sound interesting to you?

At the start of each semester, TU holds a recruitment meeting for all residents. Contact us on Facebook or by email for more information about recruitment.

How to contact us?

You will find all our upcoming events and announcements on Facebook. You can contact us on Facebook for questions, general inquiries or suggestions. You can also send us email: tuhatleberg@gmail.com

For practical information about Sammen services (such as housing, sports, cafeterias, health, career & counselling and child care), see Sammen’s webpage for Hatleberg and Øyjorden.