What to do before (and after) hosting an event in the common room

What to do before (and after) hosting an event in the common room

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Before the Event

1. Inform Sammen

The most important thing to do after you decided to host an event in the common room is to inform Sammen about it. This is mainly because you as the TU are allowed to switch of the alarm in the common room twice a month (once a month during exam period; see “How to switch of the alarm”) so that you can stay in the common room until 2am instead of 11pm. Sammen needs to be informed at least two weeks prior to the event.

2. Create a Facebook Event

Moreover, you should create a facebook event and post in the respective exchange groups so that people know that you will be hosting an event. Additionally, you can print posters and flyers and distribute them around Hatleberg.

3. Provide all Necessary Equipment

In order for your party to be great, you should think about providing beerpong and rage cage equipment such as cups and ping pong balls.

During the Event

1. Enjoy the Party!

2. Make Sure Everyone Behaves

Selvsagt, this does not need further explanation.

3. Switch off the Alarm (if you informed Sammen about the event)

Around 10:30 and 11pm the alarm goes off. If you informed Sammen about the event and they gave their approval, you are allowed to turn the alarm off  (see: How to turn the alarm off)

After the Event

1.Make Sure Everyone Leaves the Common Room

The alarm will go on at 2pm and a security guy will come and kick you out. So make sure, everyone leaves before that happens.

2. Clean up After Yourselves

You as the TU are responsible for cleaning the common room after you hosted an event there. So make sure, everything is clean before people start using the common room the next morning.