Procedure of renting out

Procedure of renting out

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When renting out stuff, the following steps should be followed:

  1. The customer gives up an order via the front end of the webpage. Pickup and return date are stated as well as the customers personal contact data.
  2. A new order appears under “Orders” in the menu. Each order comes with a processing status. This status should also be used to for organization purposes:
    Processing or pending payment means, the order was not yet reviewed by any member of the staff.
    On hold means that the customer has payed the deposit but the item was not yet returned.
    Completed means the whole rental process is finished. The deposit is payed back and the rental fee was payed as well.
    Cancelled means the item will not be rented any more.
  3. When a customer comes to collect the rental item, the first step is to collect the deposit and change the status to “On hold”.
  4. When the item is returned, the status should be changed to “Completed”.

When clicking on an order, the status changes are tracked in the field “Order notes”:

Just below this field custom order notes can be added. Such notes could be used in order to notify other staff members, that less deposit was payed or that instead of paying a deposit, an ID was left behind.